Thermal Greases

Thermal Greases

Silicone Compounds and Thermal Greases

Using the unique attributes of silicone fluids is developed a line of specialty products aimed at the electrical, electronics and automotive markets. These materials combine the tremendous thermal and electrical characteristics of silicones with excellent compatibility to rubber and plastic components. Applications include lubrication of electrical connectors, terminators, electronic components, wire sets, brake hardware, o rings and much more.

Types of Silcone Compound & Grease

Die Electric Compound :

  • Silicone base 
  • NLGI 0
  • Temperature -40+250 Deg C.
  • Prevents electrical shocks does not allow water to be formed on the coating .
  • Antitacking coating prevents flash overs for 9 to 10kv mm
  • Good For Battery terminals cables and cable connections.