Poly Urea Grease

Poly Urea Grease

Polyurea greases are among the most important advances in grease technology. These are non-soap greases where thickener moieties do not contain any metallic elements rendering the grease ashless.The first reported polyurea grease was made with substituted urea’s during 1954. Attempt at that time was made to develop a fibrous polyurea grease primarily as a replacement for the barium greases which have disposal problems related to barium toxicity.In Japan, urea greases were re-evaluated in 1980s. Since then urea greases gained importance in steel plants, automotive wheel bearings, constant velocity joints, electrical instrumentation and auxiliary equipment bearings.

This Grease are with EP additives and operating Temperature is from -20 and upto 185 Deg C.

NLGI # 2.

Pack Size 18 Kg.

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