Donaldson Compressed Air Filters

Donaldson Compressed Air Filters

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Other than the utilities of water, electricity and gas, compressed air is one of the most commonly used energy sources. For this reason, technology has been forced to adapt an efficient and inexpensive method of achieving the highest quality of compressed air. Petrotek is one of the preferred Donaldson filters distributors in Dubai and across UAE, stocking a broad range of products to suit a variety of applications.

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DF Standard / Plus / Superplus
The filters Ultra-Filter DF are intended for the processing of compressed air or other gases in different areas of applications. A bayonet fixing between head and bowl allows for the element to be removed together with filter bowl. Little installation height for the filter element exchange is required. Besides energy cost savings by design, the use of the Economizer offers further saving achievements through timely replacement of the used elements. The most cost effective replacement time for the element is calculated and LEDs signal the necessity for a "filter exchange". With 9 sizes the Ultra-Filter covers the performance range from 35 to 1100 m³/h flow rate and hence conventional compressor capacities between 2 and 120 KW. Three versions are available:

(with Econometer and float drain)
(with Economizer and float drain)
(Economizer with level-controlled condensate drain UFM-D)
DF Standard/Plus/Superplus

DF-T Three-stage Filter
The innovative three-stage product DF-T(hree) is used for the purification of compressed air and gases in smallest places. The unique element combines 3 purification stages in one housing– a coalescence filter, an activated carbon adsorber and a high performance particle filter. It achieves quality class 1 acc. to ISO 8573-1:2010. The DF-T is ideally suitable as terminal filter, where the highest quality of compressed air is necessary and only small place for installation is available. 

UltraPleat® S, M Coalescence Filters
The coalescence/particle filters for the removal of water and oil aerosols and solid particles from compressed air and gases in industrial applications. The elements are equipped with the innovative filtration technology UltraPleat® - a pleated high performance media to achieve high retention rates at lowest differential pressure, validated according to ISO12500 and for the reliable achievement of the compressed air quality according to ISO8573-1.
Coalescence Filter UltraPleat S
Coalescence Filter UltraPleat M

Ultrair V Coalescence filter
This product is designed for the removal of water, oil aerosols and solid particles from compressed air and gases in industrial applications. The elements type V possess the three-dimensional micro fibre fleece made of polyester, which works oil and water rejecting.
Coalescence Filter V

Ultraporex B Particle filter
The prefilter for the removal of oil, water and dust particles with absolute retention efficiency. The Ultraporex prefilter contains the highly porous sinter bronze medium. It ensures the retention of coarse solid and liquid particles. Retention rate, 100 % in gases; defined retention rate of particles larger than the pore size (25 μm).
Particle Filter B

Ultrapoly P Particle filter
The prefilter for the removal of solid contaminants in gases. The Ultrapoly prefilter contains the high porous, sintered polyethylene medium. Even finest dust particles and other contaminants in compressed air and gases are being removed effectively on the surface and in the depth of the medium. Contaminants down to the size of 25 μm particles are being retained.
Particle Filter P

Ultrac A Activated carbon filter
High absorption for the removal of oil vapour, hydrocarbons and odours. The Ultrac A consists of 2 stages. At the adsorption stage oil vapour, hydrocarbons and odours are removed by activated carbon adsorption. Particles are removed at the depth stage, consisting of microfibre fleece. In addition, support fleece and an outer stainless steel support sleeve ensure proper fixation of the adsorption and filter stage. The flow direction through the device is from inside to outside. At appropriate pre purification a residual oil content of < 0,003 mg/m³ is achieved.
Activated Carbon Filter A

DF-C Cyclone Separators
A cyclone separator has to remove the abrasive contamination, like solid and liquid particles and aerosols from the flow of air pressure. The emphasis is set here on the removal of water, which due to a condensation in the aftercooler at this point increasingly show as droplets or splashing water. Because of its low differential pressure and simultaneously lowered requirement of energy the cyclone separator offers substantial cost savings. In addition the higher filtration efficiency takes a positive effect on the subsequent compressed air adsorption and refrigeration dryers as well as on the filters. The DF-C cyclone separators are available in seven sizes, which match the current compressor capacities and the connection sizes of the Donaldson compressed air filters as well as the refrigeration and adsorption dryer product range. In addition, they are integrated in the current compressed air filter housing generation as the “Standard” (equipped with time-controlled condensate drains) or “Superplus”-Version (equipped with Ultramat UFM-D level-controlled condensate drain).


SG Standard / Superplus
SG Standard- und SG Superplus carbon steel housings are designed to DIN 2633 standards with flange connections. In the Standard configuration, these housings include our Econometer differential pressure gauge and external float drain valve for coalescing applications. Superplus versions include our programmable Economizer differential pressure gauge which notifies maintenance personnel of the optimal point at which to change the filter element(s). Superplus models also include our Ultramat zero-loss condensate drain which assures that no compressed air is lost when liquid condensate is drained. All SG housings and elements are available in silicon-free versions.
SG Standard
SG Superplus
SG Standard silicone free
SG Superplus silicone free

DFX High Pressure Filter for Extreme Conditions
These products are intended for the processing of compressed air and gases in different industrial applications. The special design of the housing and element as well as the materials used allow an operation under extreme conditions. Applications under high and low operating temperatures and conditions with mechanical stress such as vibrations or shocks can be covered by this series.

The elements are available in 7 sizes that cover a performance range of a flow rate up to 600Nm3/h (for compressed air) at an operating pressure of 25 bar. The housing connections range from 3/8" to 2".

Validated performance data acc. to ISO 12500-1 for reliable achievement of compressed air quality suitable due to the application acc. to ISO 8573-1.
DFX High Pressure Filters
Coalescence Filter AX
Coalescence Filter MX
Coalescence Filter SX
Coalescence Filter VX

HD-Pressure Filters
HD high pressure housings are designed for compressed air and gas applications up to 400 bar. Each housing can accommodate any of our standard range of elements for your specific need. Flow capacities from 30 to 720 m³/h nominal at 7 bar g are available. Modifications on request.
HD High Pressure Filters

Ultradri SG-Z Cyclone Separators
Ultradri SG-Z (carbon steel) separators are designed to remove liquid condensate from compressed air and gas. Integral swirl vanes allow for efficient liquid removal with low pressure drop. SG-Z housings incorporate an additional baffle plate to prevent carryover of condensate. Standard configurations are equipped with UFZ condensate drains while Superplus versions are equipped with Ultramat zero-loss drain valves.