Compressor Oil

Compressor Oil

Lubrication is the vital element required for the reliable, safe and economic operation of the compressors.

  • Gas Compressors Oils,
  • Vane Compressors Oils,
  • Reciprocating Compressor Oils
  • Screw Compressor Oils.


How to choose between standard and synthetic compressor oil?

The choice between these two types of oil totally depends on the usage of your compressor.
● If your compressor comes to use more or equal to three times a week then synthetic
oils can prove to be a better choice for you. It will allow your machine to work
smoother as synthetic oils fight to overheat.
● If you use your compressors once a week or less frequently, then standard oils
should be your choice as they are cost-effective and consumer-friendly.


The Types of Compressor Oils

1. Mineral Compressor oils

2. Synthetic hydrocarbons Compressor Oils

3. Compressor Oils based on Organic esters  

4. Compressor Oils based on Phosphate esters 

5. Compressor Oils based on Poly glycols 

6. Compressor Oils based on Silicones type 

7.  Compressor Oils based on Blends (Semi-synthetics).


Viscosities Available


ISO VG 32 ,46, 68, 100, 150.  

Pack Sizes : 20 & 205 Liters.