Hand Operated Grease Gun

Hand Operated Grease Gun

  • they have long service due to finish made from chrome plate
  • the lever action with pistol grip attributes to easy uae.
  • Knurled thick wall barrel for secure grip
  • Working Pressure 4300 P.S.I.
  • 100mm straight pipe with standard coupler
  • ·       can be used in 4 ways: Screw type cartridge, 14oz/ 400cc  ,               Screw Type cartridge Germany 16oz/ 500cc
             Grease cartridge,14oz  traditional type
             Grease cartridge 14oz Traditional  type with SMART piston

-Perfect for high viscosity grease or low temperature operation

-This grease catridge can be used as mutlifunctional.

- The barrel with the Standard end cap can be used in two ways

-It has energy saving properties with the long barrel & better working pressure .


Lever grease gun

Though it is generally taken for granted, the grease gun is a useful tool for transferring grease to a point of application. Grease guns come in a variety of forms, including lever, pistol-grip, hand grip, air-powered, and battery-powered. Of all the grease guns, the lever design is the most cost-effective and widely utilized. The amount of grease pumped every stroke varies between grease guns, ranging from one to three grams or more. The actual output varies based on the grease gun's age.