Hand Operated Grease Gun

Hand Operated Grease Gun

  • they have long service due to finish made from chrome plate
  • the lever action with pistol grip attributes to easy uae.
  • Knurled thick wall barrel for secure grip
  • Working Pressure 4300 P.S.I.
  • 100mm straight pipe with standard coupler
  • ·       can be used in 4 ways: Screw type cartridge, 14oz/ 400cc  ,               Screw Type cartridge Germany 16oz/ 500cc
             Grease cartridge,14oz  traditional type
             Grease cartridge 14oz Traditional  type with SMART piston

-Perfect for high viscosity grease or low temperature operation

-This grease catridge can be used as mutlifunctional.

- The barrel with the Standard end cap can be used in two ways

-It has energy saving properties with the long barrel & better working pressure .