Screw Compressors

Screw Compressors


The major function of screw compressors is to rotate their rotors in opposite directions and draw air between them and as a result of decreased volume space between the rotors, the air is compressed. 

Screw compressors suppliers in UAE benefit the industries by providing them compressed air in a massive volume and making their work convenient. The natural gas industry is almost nothing and can not function efficiently without a premium quality and reliable screw compressor. These wonderfully modified screw compressors can perform without any breaks due to the partnership of cooling oils, hence supporting the industries save time and energy. The compressors are the need of the hour as they have several different benefits:


  • These compressors provide a choice to customers to choose between different drive systems such as v-belt drive, direct drive, gear drive, direct drive with speed control.
  • The modular construction system empowers a very high degree of variability to all the elements equally. It is designed in such a way to fit in almost every industry without causing any issues.
  • The compressors are oil-free and come with energy-saving speed control that is water-injected or two-stage non-lubricated, these qualities make the screw compressors special.
  • The problems like the sinking of valve sipes, failure of spring and valve pipes do not occur in the screw compressors as the screw compressors do not have transmitters as well as suction valves. And hence the performance of the compressor remains intact.
  • The screw compressors are less noisy and hence, they do not distract the users from their work and let them work efficiently.
  • These screw compressors are totally safe and convenient. This can be proven as there are no cases heard of accidents with this kind of machine.
  • These compressors are weather-friendly. They can work at extreme temperatures, either at high temperatures or low conditions according to the user's convenience.
  • The screw compressors are designed to serve in a longer run, they are very long-lasting and helps the users to save money.
  • These compressors are pocket-friendly as they need very fewer maintenance costs in comparison to other compressors available in the market.


Why choose us?

  • We provide one-to-one suggestions to our buyers and our team makes sure to clear all the doubts they might have while choosing compressor oils. 

  • We provide pocket-friendly, best quality oils to the buyers keeping in mind their machinery type and usage.

  • We provide 24*7 customer support via email, calls, or social media platforms, in case the client needs any assistance or has any queries.

  • All the major and minor parts of the equipment are cross-checked before the final delivery to the clients, we prioritize our customer's safety.


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