Piston Compressor

Piston Compressor


The oldest and most wonderful compressor title goes to the 'piston compressors'. These compressors have forever worked by compressing the gas through strengthening the pressure of the air. This process is generally known as the displacement principle. Except for making the work easier for the industries, there are various reasons that make a Piston compressor the best type of compressor in the market: 

  • The piston compressors are very easy and convenient to transport. They provide safety to the transportation team and are very less risky.

  • The maintenance cost of a piston compressor is very low if compared to the other compressor, it does not require frequent services and maintenance as it has a Robust, high-quality energy-saving motor (class EFF 1).

  • The piston compressors are durable, efficient, and affordable unlike the other expensive compressors available.

  • The compressors remain cool as they come with pressure lines with fins on the surface for optimum cooling and durability. 

  • These compressors can be located close to point‐of‐use avoiding lengthy piping runs and pressure drops.

Piston/ Reciprocating compressors are ideally suitable for applications with intermittent duty cycles.

  • Single-staged or Multi-staged Compression
  • Stationary or Portable
  • 100% cast-iron cylinders , cylinder connectivity rods, high pressure piston & crankshaft.
  • Extended product life and continuous performance


Rated Motor Power

5 hp - 125 hp



Automotive Industry, Petroleum and other Large Industries


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  • We make sure to conduct an oil test analysis before further selling the oils to the customers. 

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