Compressor Oil

Compressor Oil

Lubrication has a significant influence on the behaviour of compressors and their reliability. It is therefore vital that the right lubricant is selected to ensure reliable, economical and safe operation. 

  • Gas Compressors Oils,
  • Vane Compressors Oils,
  • Reciprocating Compressor Oils
  • Screw Compressor Oils.

The Types of Compressor Oils


1. Mineral Compressor oils

2. Synthetic hydrocarbons Compressor Oils

3. Organic esters  Compressor Oils

4. Phosphate esters Compressor Oils

5. Poly glycols Compressor Oils

6. Silicones type Compressor Oils

7. Blends (Semi-synthetics). Compressor Oils


Viscosities Available


ISO VG 32 ,46, 68, 100, 150.  

Pack Sizes : 20 & 205 Liters.

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