Cutting Oils

Cutting Oils

Industrial - Cutting and Grinding Fluids

Water-miscible coolants
A full line of soluble oils, semi-synthetics and fully synthetic coolants to meet every need.

Technologically advanced chemistries are the life-blood of worlds manufacturing industry, innovation  in bringing new technologies to the market

The developments in unconventional emulsifier systems, next generation microbial control, and lubrication mechanisms meet the demands of todays high speed machining centers, while evolving to keep pace with the technology of tomorrow.


Fully synthetic grinding fluid  Transparent or Coloured this Coolants prevents bacteria, fungi and yeast formation due to its additives and does not irritate the skin thanks to its regulated pH level


  • Water soluble semi synthetic metalworking fluid with a long sump life
  • Semi synthetic metalworking fluid that makes transparent emulsions
  • EP water soluble semi synthetic metalworking fluid with a long sump life

Environmentally Friendly Cutting Oils

  • Water soluble environmentally friendly semi-synthetic vegetable-oil based metal working fluid, which does not contain any mineral oil.

Pack Size :20 & 205 Liters

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