Cutting Oils

Cutting Oils

Industrial - Cutting and Grinding Fluids

Water-miscible coolants
We have a wide range of semi synthetic and  synthetic coolants and soluble oils to cater every need.

The mechanisms used for lubrication , recent progress in unconventional emulsfying systems , is required to meet the demands of the high speeding machine hand in hand with the innovation technology.


The grinding fluid which is fully synthetic either  Transparent or Coloured have a regulated PH level which prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi and yeast formation .The additives used in the coolant is skin friendly also.


  • Metalworking fluid which is Water soluble semi synthetic  with a extended life.
  • Metalworking fluid which is Semi synthetic  that forms  transparent emulsions
  • Metalworking fluid  which is EP water soluble & semi synthetic with a prolonged life.

Environmentally Friendly Cutting Oils

  • Water soluble environmentally friendly semi-synthetic vegetable-oil based metal working fluid, which does not contain any mineral oil.

Pack Size :20 & 205 Liters

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