Textile Lubricant

Textile Lubricant

Textile Oils

Petrotek stocks and Distributes knitting lubricant based on solvent refined mineral oils & also highly refined food grade white-oils water miscible and non miscible which can be washable easily from material and protects corrosion of needles They have also antistatic properties due to the special additives minimizing the static electricity built on the fibers wool threads and cloths.

Application Sectors.

  • Spinning machines
  • Fibre spinning machines
  • Fibre processing machines
  • Winding & twisting machines
  • Knitting machines
  • Textile finishing machines.

Pack Size 205 Liters.

Note: Petrotek range of TEXTILE Industry Oils are used in machine tool spindles and bobbin bearings, for knitting hosiery lubrication industries, for lubrication and bearings, cams, couplings, needle and other textile machinery lubrication connections.