Chain Lubricants

Chain Lubricants

Dubai’s Preferred Synthetic Chain Oil and Lubricant Suppliers

Food grade & high temperature operations need high quality products and we supply a range of options to meet the needs of many different industries. We do stock the complete package of solutions for high end applications both in mineral types or synthetic chain lubricants based for nearly all applications, with water based products also available.

Uses include:

  • Chains in all kinds of ovens
  • Assembly machinery
  • Bottle &can manufacturing
  • Freezers
  • Painting equipment
  • Industrial washers and dryers
  • Material handling equipment
  • Road & construction machinery
  • Marine application
  • Metro Rail & Railways
  • Mining
  • Aircraft & Airports
  • Automatic chain systems

Protect and enhance your equipment and machinery

As premium chain oil suppliers in Dubai, we also provide synthetic oil with graphite, molybdenum disulfide & gel types that can be applied manually, by central lubrication systems, and by spray applications.

Pack Size: 20 Liters

Using PETROTEK Lubes to lubricate your machinery gives your entire business a boost. We help reduce costs and increase production across a wide range of industries. It releases the full potential of your machinery. Each moving part works more efficiently, which reduces your energy consumption and gives your equipment a longer life-expectancy. You cut down on maintenance and replacement parts costs because there’s less wear and tear. Choose PETROTEK products and you’re choosing to make your machinery more effective.

Our synthetic chain lubricants and oils are manufactured combining the latest technology with the finest raw materials. Take care of your production line as well as your bottom line. Give us a call today. Flex Your Production.

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