Chemical Tooling Aids

Chemical Tooling Aids


FIBROLIT® Chemical tooling aids are offered as a comprehensive range of reliable agents, specifically developed for the requirements of the toolmaking trade, and closely integrated with other FIBRO products.

The FIBROLIT®-Concept achieves perfect die alignment by way of epoxy-bonding of vital die components, free from clamping stress and heat distortion, press fit shrinkages and errors arising from faulty machine tool geometry. And
without recourse to sophisticated, expensive toolroom machines, thus saving both capacity and costs.

Fibro Chemical Tooling Aids includes 


  • Tool cast resin
  • Metal adhesives
  • Cleaner
  • Penetration lubricant spray
  • Leak detector spray
  • Marking ink
  • Release agent
  • Oils and greases


Available Products


  • FIBROLIT - ZWO Tooling epoxy resin
  • FIBROLIT - ZWO Consignment pack (Styrofoam)
  • FIBROLIT - SECHS Tooling epoxy resin
  • Injection gun for FIBROLIT - SECHS 
  • FIBROLIT MK Metal adhesive
  • Thinning agent for FIBROLIT- ZWO
  • LOCTITE 243, LOCTITE 2701- Anaerobic metal adhesives for securing of screw and nuts
  • LOCTITE 648 - Anaerobic metal adhesives for securing bushes and ball bearings
  • LOCTITE 7061 Aerosol- Rapid Cleaning Spray
  • FIBROLIT LSP- Leak detector spray
  • LOCTITE 147 twin syringe resin, LOCTITE 147 twin syringe hardener- Fluid metal for fast repairs
  • LOCTITE 401/454- Cyanoacrylate adhesive
  • FIBROLIT RL Penetration Lubricant Spray
  • FIBROLIT ARF Marking out blue
  • LOCTITE 8021- Silicon oil
  • LOCTITE 8001- Oil
  • ACMOS 82-2405- Release Agent
  • FIBROLIT TW- Release Agent
  • FIBROLIT Grease LD
  • FIBROLIT Stanzschmierol - Press tool lubricant