Coolant Skimmers

Coolant Skimmers

Skimmers – Made in Germany.


Our new range of Suction units/Skimmer are the state of the art units where you may clean the solutions instantly and precisely maintaining the coolants to a very high standard for higher performance that you expect



The fluid surface is drawn off by suction using a skimmer. The skimmer is self-regulating and adjusts continually to the fluid surface and is attached to the tank with a magnet. The removed fluids are gently transfer - red to a sedimentation tank. The oil separator is subject to minimal wear as the removed oils and emulsions do not come into contact with rotating parts such as pumps. The fluid in the sedimentation tank flows back into the tank of the machine via an inclined plate filter. The inclined plate filter ensures optimal and continuous oil removal. The oil separator is switched off automatically when the maximum level in the oil-collecting tank is reached.

Technical data: capacity: Depending on setting up to 250 l/h

Oil removal: 35 l/h

Electrical connection: 230 V, 50 Hz, 0.45 kW, 3.5 A

Dimensions: L 750 x W 500 x H 950 mm.

Made to Order – Manufactured in Germany