Donaldson Dryers Bora DHP

Donaldson Dryers Bora DHP

Bora DHP High Inlet Pressure Dryers


Bora DHP dryers can accept compressed air at inlet pressures up to 50 bar in ambient temperatures up to 50 ºC. The maximum inlet temperature is 60 °C. They utilize a two-stage heat exchanger for optimal heat transfer in the air-to-air and in the air-refrigerant head exchanger. Power consumption is reduced as less energy is required than conventional heat exchanger designs. Volume flows of 25 to 5.000 m³/h are covered by the Bora series.



Bora DHP 2700 W- DHP 4200 W: DHP 2700 W, DHP 3500 W, DHP 4200 W.

Bora DHP 0025 AX- DHP 2280 AX: DHP 0025 AX, DHP 0045 AX, DHP 0075 AX,  DHP 0090 AX,  DHP 0135 AX,  DHP 0180 AX,  DHP 0240 AX,  DHP 0315 AX,  DHP 0450 AX,  DHP 0615 AX,  DHP 0810 AX,  DHP 1010 AX,  DHP 1260 AX,  DHP 1620 AX,  DHP 2280 AX


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