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about Petrotek

We are an industrial trading Company with operations in UAE to stock and distribute specialized engineering related products and solutions. With our worldwide supplier network, we stock and distribute products to all the industry types and we cater to all major continuous production factories, engineering, hospitality & precise industries. We have the expertise and resources to address the technical and commercial issues.

We compound, blend and source Lubricants world wide for day-to-day applications with our Offices are located in Dubai & Northern emirates for coverage to the whole sector. We market and distribute products with our storage and distribution facility in house and capable of taking challenges to meet the demands of supply.

We use a thoroughly integrated computer tracking system with specially designed software, our service staff can assist customers with placing orders, estimating delivery times, providing sales history, and helping project needed inventory levels - all in minutes.

Adding to the Division of supplies to the industries we have also established our equipments and spares division to where the past meets with the future.



  • Automotive Lubricants
  • Industrial Lubricants and Greases
  • Food Grade Lubricants
  • Lubricant Maintenance
  • Screw Compressors, Oil free Compressos
  • Filters for air/ gas and sterile application
  • Dryers, Air Receiver Tanks, After market Filters & Condensate Management
  • Cleaning Equipment -Industrial Vaccum(ATEX aproved)
  • Conveyors & Chains
  • Chemicals
  • Car Care Products
  • Drum Handling Equipment
  • Compressor Service, Installation & AMC contracts
  • Open Gear Services
  • Quick Release Fluid and Gas Couplings
  • Auto Lubricators.
  • Hygiene Chemicals.
  • Fluid Mixing Stations.     


We have strived to create similar products within the same category. Recognizing the opportunity and knowing our target demographic we have a list of equipments and spares applicable in the target market we concentrate, Our product line consists of a set of products that relates to one another and we are still in the look out to add new lines

Our Product Depth allows our clients to be satisfied with their request. We consult & consolidate your industrial needs.

We at Petro Tek have been specialists in the procurement and supply of technical products. We stock & distribute products to all type of industries and maintain a very high ethical standard.

Our Vision is to be the leading distributor of Engineering items in the region.

Petrotek UAE has a full-fledged sales and after-sales team. All products are of European origin with special formulation covering the industrial needs. Petrotek UAE has its own stocking and distribution network.
Petrotek in UAE has full-fledged dedicated engineers to consult and consolidate lubrication appliances
Petrotek in UAE has a department to provide backup and assistance for cutting oil applications with the best monitoring and training for smooth operation.
All depends on the performance level as prices are derived on the base stock, base oil types, quality of additives with semi synthetic biodegradable, synthetic polyalpha base, synthetic polyglycol base.
Petrotek UAE has a market experience combining to make more than 30 years and have tested , tried special applications products. While all the products we sell are carefully selected of base oil and additive packages.
Petrotek UAE does not compromise on quality and does not market or sell any products of the recycled base.

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PetroTek is an Absolute advantage due to wide stock mix and complex product profiling & our efficiency in carrying out the demands efficiently expected

PetroTek Specializes in precise application needs and carry out technical, commercial and logistical accuracy and speed required in the production and industrial sectors.

PetroTek offers goods and service with technical advantage and we make sure that the products supplies are of industry standards

PetroTek has an ability to handle any challenges to supply our range of products with unparalleled comparison and we work very hard to attain the comparative advantage

PetroTek work to meet your expectations and standards and we are your once source industrial supply company

We Work in Standards to the requirements of our clients and work on a weekly basis to update our stocks for your next requirements

We deliver the request of yours in a pre-scheduled time frame with agile delivery.

Our tracking methods are excellent and we keep track of task assigned and task completed.

Best Practices with continuous integration tools are updated and practiced to improvise our standards and we believe in knowledge sharing development

PetroTek has grown in this region and is homegrown brand and we give heavy emphasize for superior service quality and professional business practice.

We have a huge customer base that rely on our efficiency and have strong agreements with our suppliers from all over the world.

We are able to store and deliver the wants and needs of clients.

The latest technologies help us plan execute and deliver to the required destination with ease.

Our achievements are our strengths and we have maintained durable and sustained business from our clients.

Our passion drives our success and is founded on principles of quality and we adapt hands on philosophy defining our uniqueness in our field.

Our conscious decisions of not growing to quick and large has helped be partner centric with sustainable growth holding existing partners and adding new accounts

We leverage on highly sophisticated internally developed systems to enhance our trade strategies.

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We at Petro Tek have been specialists in the procurement and supply of technical products. We are a one source supply chain solutions provider and we supply to all parts of the world. We procure for timely project supplies on specialized range of ... Read More