Compressed Air Filtration

For a Proper purification of Air, it is to be considered to have a proper filter used purification of air we breathe carries contaminants and usage of the proper units will disallow

Wear and tear of seals .

Disallow corrosion

Disallow air tool efficiency

Damage sensitive finished goods

Gases either alone or in combination with other contaminants, may cause additional damage or create a potential hazard to the process or personnel. Chemical gases found in compressed air systems 

Molds, fungus, and compressed air system. Microbes require moisture to grow which is a health threat to workers.

Deciding the Lubricant grades and types

Technology advancements have bought a lot of changes while you consider having longer running intervals in the latest machines, lubricants are now advanced with long service lives by which you may not need to drain quite often as before. See our range of lubricants, which are matched perfectly with his viscosity index and good base oils.

Hydraulic Oils and Lubricants all are having a viscosity identification which also comes with the types of oils required like if with zinc or Zinc free, high viscous or low viscous, and much more criteria’s are given on technical manuals by original equipment manufacturers and is advised.

FIBRO Standard Parts


Standard parts are used as standardized products in tool construction, mold making, and mechanical engineering. FIBRO standard parts mean ultimate precision and we have made it easy for your supplies to your doorstep. Fibro is the global market leader working closely with our customers offering high availability, rapid delivery times, first-class service, and an outstanding price/performance ratio. The product range for tool construction, mold making, and mechanical engineering include dying sets, guide elements, low-maintenance oil-less guide elements, precision parts such as punches and matrices.

Choosing the right Compressor

A Compressor is a mechanical device that increases the pressure of a gas by reducing its volume. Air compressors are used in all manufacturing processes and industrial applications requiring compressed air.

 Choosing an Industrial Compressor-Determine the frequency of use according to the compressed air requirement of your application. Ensure that the compressor is well ventilated to ensure optimal cooling even if it is transportable or stationary. Keep a note of the continuous operating time of the compressor. Ensure that continuous operating time of compressor will be sufficient to fill the air tank with appropriate pressure