Norms of Compressor Oil

Benefits of using good compressor oil:

● Your air-compressors work at the best of their efficiency when they are well lubricated.

● The lifespan of your air compressors may increase with the use of good-quality compressor oil.

● Bearing, oil pumps, and other moving parts can not work to the best of their efficiency when if a good quality air compressor oil is not used. It will eventually result in increased internal pressure and energy consumption.

● Using good quality oils means less service demand, which eventually means cost-cutting. Hence, you can save money by buying the right oil.

How frequently shall the compressor oil be changed? 

It entirely depends on the usage of your equipment. Generally, the compressor manufacturers/sellers provide their buyers with a user guidebook that covers all the knowledge about how and when to change the compressor oil, etc. It is advised to change the oils within every 3 months. And irrespective of the fact that whether the compressor is used or not, the yearly change of compressor oil is a must.

● Petrotek , industrial compressor oil suppliers in UAE provide one-to-one suggestions to our buyers and our team makes sure to clear all the doubts they might have while choosing compressor oils.

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● We make sure to conduct an oil test analysis before further selling the oils to the customers.

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