Piston Vs Screw Compressor

Industrial compressors are major elements in a wide range of production facilities. Maintaining the high supply of compressed air, also known as the fourth utility, is equally essential as paying the energy bill for several shops and manufacturing activities. Manufacturing air compressors, like many types of compressors, provide a consistent air compressor flow over extended periods, but they also have the durability and durability to manage the heavy demands of manufacturing operations. We always deliver the quality you can trust, regardless of industry or application, with years of supplying time-tested compressed air solutions and uncompromising reliability.

How piston compressors more beneficial than screw compressors in the industry:

An air compressor can operate at high temperatures and areas where other types of energy are restricted due to explosion and fire concerns. In addition, because air may be generated on-site, better control over usage and air quality are possible.

Additionally, air compressors can power tools and equipment that are more powerful than standard tools. When using pneumatic tools, an air compressor is a must-have piece of equipment. Although, the cost of a screw compressor is higher than that of a piston compressor. Screw compressors with less than 2000 litres per minute require more maintenance than piston compressors.

We provide a wide range of air compressor maintenance services, including scheduled maintenance and predictive analytics, planned diagnostics, and air compressor repair using original OEM parts. These compressor maintenance plans are customized to your unique requirements, whether you require a full package that transfers operational risk to us or need the appropriate parts supplied at the right time.

Specification of air compressors: 

Air compressors are necessary tools for converting unprocessed air into compressed air so that you can finish the job. These compressors, on the other hand, each have their very own set of features and uses, so choosing the proper compressor for your needs isn't always easy.

● CFM/SCFM (Cubic feet per minute): 

   CFM (cubic feet per minute) is an important factor to consider when comparing air compressors. Compressor CFM represents the volume of air the compressor can produce/deliver to air tools at a given pressure level. 

PSI (Pounds per square inch):

A compressor's purpose is to pressurize intake air for various applications and operations, as previously stated. It is measured in PSI (pounds per square inch), which is the amount of force or pressure the air compressor can generate. 

● HP (Horsepower): 

The HP (horsepower) rating is less relevant than the flowrate or pressure rating, although it does show the motor's power. The motor's job is to drive the cylinders so that air may be compressed, and it is rated in horsepower.

● Decibels (dB): Although this rating has no bearing on its performance, it is important to consider, r, especially if you plan to perform background noise. The sound output ranges from 40 to 90 decibels, with the higher the rating, the higher the sound output.

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