New Technology Greases

It is better to re-grease instead of replacing.

It is best to create your frequency-based grease for rebuilding the motors rather than replacing them. Following is the regressing process:-

  1. Disconnect the bottom grease-relief device and clean the top grease fitting.

  2. Using an acoustic grease gun adapter, pump and hear to the bearing with a conventional grease gun, as directed by the maker.

  3. Keep an eye out for oil coming from the bottom port. Check for solidified grease in the bottom channel if you pump too much grease into the motor, yet none emerges from the lower port.

  4. Enable the motor to operate for 1 hour before actually fitting the underneath grease valves to discharge any surplus grease.

  5. Remove any excess oil from the motor's body.

A Step-by-step method to evaluate Grease Oxidation in Five hours

Our team determines the nature to an extent Grease oxidized using the various analytical techniques. Some of the best ways are the following:

  1. First of all, the base oil is removed from the grease sample with the help of Solvent extraction. After this, the process of oil analysis becomes the priority.

  2. Now, with the help of ASTM D445, the base oil viscosity is determined.

  3. Next, to figure out the Acid Number of the Oil/ Grease, the ASTM D974 was performed.

  4. At this stage, the team is interested in areas where infrared bands usually have 960 to 1,020 and 650 to 650 cm -1 regions, and absorption by ZDDP anti-vehicle connector is observed. 

  5. After this, the team focused on wearing metal contaminants and additive elements in the oil sample used. ZDDP additives are disassembled into two elements, ZN, and P, to measure the degree.

  6. Now comes the ruler method. In this, the flow of current, variable voltages is applied to the sample in the presence and concentration of various antioxidant additives (not limited to ZDDP.) 

  7. At last, the DCS method comes into action. In this process, oil is placed in a sealed vessel and maintained under a rich environment, including oxygen. By monitoring the temperature of the cell, oxidation initiation can be determined.

Petrotek is one of the leading grease suppliers in the UAE. We use the new greasing technology, which has a greater cycle and thereby increasing the life of the equipment.