New Screw Compressors


The Industries cannot function without an efficient and reliable screw compressor. The most important role is played by the screw compressors as they supply compressed air in large quantity for further industrial benefits. This compressed air remains in high demand by the industries that function as food-packaging industries or the industries practising automated manufacturing. These screw compressors are less noisy and 25-30% more efficient than the other kind of compressors available in the market. They require very little to nearly no regular maintenance. The screw compressors can function unstoppably for long hours due to the presence of oil that cools the radiator and fan, hence helping the industries with better results in less time. The competition in the market is touching the sky day by day and to stay ahead amongst all the competitors, one needs to make sure to use the updated technology.


Why Choose the newly launched ALMiG F-drive series compressors?


● The setup of this new f-drive series screw compressor is a vertical arrangement, which is beneficial as it makes the lubrication performance even better.

 ● The vertical arrangement of the compressor has the advantage of a small occupation area, as the compressor can fit in comparatively smaller areas. Hence, it can be called 'space-saving'. 

● The direct-drive and speed control add to the energy efficiency of the screw compressor, which in short helps the industrialists perform better. 

● Provides energy saving of up to 35% as it has special functions like speed control, constant mains pressure with infinitely variable from 5 to 13 bar. 

● These new screw compressors provide better heat recovery due to the independent cooling fan and the coolant system, including the use of engine waste heat.

 ● The presence of an oil-cooled permanent magnet motor results in energy-saving speed control. 

● Due to their non-dependence on cylinders and rings, the loosing of the cylinder and its after-effects are equal to zero. 

● These new compressors promise no expensive downtimes, they promise to always stay in action. 

● The screw compressors do not result in problems such as the sinking of valve sipes, failure of spring and valve pipes, as, the screw compressors do not have transmitters as well as suction valves. And hence the performance of the compressor remains intact. 

● The F-drive series of air compressors can help with producing warm air for space heating, it can provide up to 20 to 25 degrees of temperature above the existing temperature. 

● The newly launched screw compressors have the ability to convert almost all the electrical energy into heat. Hence, helping the users with higher benefits. 

● The new series of screw compressors are user-friendly, as they are easy to access.

● These compressors are pocket-friendly as they need very fewer maintenance costs in comparison to other compressors available in the market. 

High-cost savings are possible of these newly launched F-drive series air compressors, without compromising on the quality of the compressors. 


Petrotek UAE, screw compressors suppliers in UAE,  provide 24*7 customer support via email, calls, in case the client needs any assistance or has any queries. 

● Each screw compressor is reviewed and cross-examined before the final delivery to the client. We take care of client safety by providing leak-proof and correctly functioning screw compressors to the clients. 

● We promise on-time delivery of the products to protect their clients from any sort of inconvenience.