Quenching Oil

Quenching Oil

Quenching Oils

Quench oil serves two primary functions. It facilitates hardening of steel by controlling heat transfer during quenching, and it enhances wetting of steel during quenching to minimize the formation of undesirable thermal and transformational gradients which may lead to increased distortion and cracking

Types of Quenching Oils

  • General Purpose Quenching oils
  • Polymer Quenching Oils
  • Water Miscible Quenching Oils
  • Synthetic Quenching 
  • Low viscosity quenching oils
  • Low Viscosity Cold Quenching Oils

Packs Sizes of 200 Liters Pack. 

Viscosity From 20 Upto 40. 

Flash Point 200 Deg C .

Min  Cooling Rate Up to 85 Deg C/s