Slide Way Oil

Slide Way Oil

The guides and slide ways fitted to supports, tables and tool-holders are among the most important load-bearing elements of machine tools. Particular demands made on these slide ways are high operational precision and high performance. The dimensional accuracy and surface finish of machined components is greatly influenced by the stick-slip behavior of slide ways and guide rails.

The slide way oil used is of particular importance to achieving optimum accuracy. To avoid chatter marks on component surfaces resulting from high surface pressures and slow feeds, a sufficiently adhesive lubricating film must be present on slide ways and guides. This film must eliminate stick-slip, combat wear and avoid corrosion.

Slide way oils is a Demulsifying lubricant and is Compatible with cutting fluids the adhesiveness guarantee a safe lubrication &suitable for machine tools with horizontal or vertical Guide ways and has Outstanding wear resistance. Good skin-friendliness.

Pack Size : 20 & 205 Liters

ISO VG 32, 46, 68, 150, 220.