Anti Corrosion Oil

Anti Corrosion Oil

Corrosion Preventive.
Corrosion preventives have been specially designed to consistently protect the bare metal surfaces of machinery, tools and components. This state-of-the-art line of corrosion preventive products is the result of intensive research and development, with the cooperation of major manufacturers in the automotive, steel and roller bearing industries.  

For Long Term Corrosion Protection ,Interim Corrosion Protection, Short Term Corrosion Protection.


  • Water Miscible Corrosion Fluids
  • Grease Type Corrosion Protectants
  • Neat Corrosion Protectants


  • Oily film layer and at the same time these corrosion preventive oils provide good lubrication.
  • Solvent based corrosion preventive oil with dewatering properties with thin waxy film layer which does not stick on the hands
  • Solvent-based corrosion preventive oils which form a thin waxy film layer protection of the unpainted surfaces
  • Dewatering corrosion preventive which is economical solution due to low consumption oil used for the protection of intermediate storage of the pieces during installation and production.
  • Dewatering corrosion preventive oils used for the protection  which are wet-processed during galvanized operations.
  • Mineral based corrosion preventive oil forms a thin waxy protective film layer which contains corrosion inhibitors. It has deep penetrating, dirt and rust dissolving properties. It is used for gun cleaning and short-term protection. .
  • Dewatering corrosion preventive oil used for gun lubrication & produced by using special base oils additives for rust protection.
  • Corrosion preventive oil which forms an oily film layer and provides resistance against the water vapor in the air used for the temporary storage
  • Long-term protection of finished products, automotive auxiliary parts or the overseas transportation of machinery and vehicles. It can also be utilized as a long-term under cavity protection agent for the vehicles
  • Mineral oil based water-miscible metalworking fluids used for corrosion prevention. They form long-life, stable and milky emulsions providing very good protection against corrosion.

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