Anti Seize Grease

Anti Seize Grease

Anti Seize Grease

Anti-Seizes are high quality lubricants that are usually supplied in the form of a paste. 

Mainly Antiseize Grease Contains

  • Solid lubricants
  • Molybdenum Di-sulfide,
  • graphite, metal hydroxides,
  • metal phosphates,
  • inorganic oxides

It also contains metals such as copper, tin & zinc. They are specifically formulated for easy application and high adhesion.

The metal surfaces are covered by their oxides in order to protect them from seizure &wear during sliding and rolling operations. and the film prevents metal to metal contact and thereby prevent wear and seizure.

Types of Antiseize Grease available are

  • Concentrated  MoS2 Ant seize Paste
  •  (Lithium Type ,Mineral Base ,NLGI # 2/3 ,Temp -30 /+450 Deg C)
  • Copper Based Antiseize Paste                                                (Lithium In organic , Mineral Base, NLGI # ½ ,Temp -20 +1200 Deg C)
  • White Assemble Paste for Antiseize and AntiStick        ( Lithium , Mineral Base, NLGI #2/3 Temp -20 +200 Deg C)
  • Nickel Bases Antiseize Paste                                       ( Lithium ,Mineral Base NLGI #2 Temp -30 +1400 Deg C)