Wire Rope Grease

Wire Rope Grease


Wire Rope Grease

Grease & Liquid form in mineral based ,synthetic based ,organ clay thickened for coating wire ropes. This rope Coating Grease/Oils  is fortified with rust and corrosion inhibitors to provide protection in harsh environments , its is also excellent in  marine environments. 


Excellent water resistance, provides protection against fling off Does not harm marine life.

Rust/corrosion inhibitors for exceptional equipment protection

Water resistant for wet applications.

Mechanically stable retains consistency.

Food Grade wire rope grease and oils are also available in the Following Version.

  • Syntthetic Chain Oils
  • Mineral Chain Oils Application in Baking Furnaces with Non Stain Non Stick version , High Temperature version
  • Liquids and Solid Form

Greases are used to lubricate moving parts where oil will not effectively work. Both products share similarities that make them very useful in reducing friction in machineries, tools and equipment. Both contain the following:

•A base oil of the appropriate viscosity
•Additives to protect against rust, oxidation and heavy loads
•Solids to provide added defense against shock loads or to minimize wipe-off.

However, grease is a semi-solid compound that is able to withstand high temperatures, hold its shape and lubricate without corrosive reaction, often making it a superior lubricant for industrial applications.