Food Grade Grease

Food Grade Grease

Food Grade Grease Suppliers and Distributors Based in Dubai, UAE

The specially formulated products using NSF H-1 lubricant technology, are highly advanced and can outperform many of the standard industrial grade lubricants that are available in the market today. Food grade greases from Petrotek suppliers in Dubai follow all  NSF regulations . The food grade greases attributes a protective layer for the food grade equipments and machinery.


Our products are used in industries such as:

  • Bakery
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Beverage
  • Animal/Poultry
  • Food Production
  • Hotels

    Types of food safe grease available
  • Arctic, low, high and extreme temperature
  • Acid Resistant
  • PTFE
  • High speed
  • Perfluro polyether (PFPE)
  • Valve
  • Silicon
  • Synthetic
  • Silicon valve

Pack Sizes from 400g to 185 Kg.

Aluminium Complex Greases: The Aluminium complex thickener used is superior  to lithium and other systems.It makes the grease a premium, long-lasting, hard-working lubricant. This achieves the following desired qualities:

Outstanding Water Repellence – All are under <5% for a NGLI #2 grease. Water Washout when using ASTM D-1264 test

Excellent Shear Stability – Under 5% penetration change after 10,000 strokes; using ASTM D-217 test

Unusually High Temperature Resistance – All of the aluminium complex greases have drop points above 250°C (482°F) and can generally be used for long periods at up to 177°C (350°F)

Resistance to Oxidation – Over extended periods whether in storage or in service

Ease of Pumping – At both low and elevated temperatures, even over long distances, therefore well-suited for use in central lubrication systems

Food Safe – Can be used to formulate H1-rated food grade lubricants.

These characteristics build products that withstand the effects of load, heat, water and dust far longer. 

Food grade grease is a synthetic-based lubricant that performs well without compromising
safety or health. Food-grade grease is used to lubricate the following items:
• Chains that go fast and slow

• Conveyor bearings

• Caster races and bearings

• Ovens of various types

Foodborne diseases impact around 48 million individuals (1 in 6) in the United States each year, resulting in 128,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths, according to the FDA. The Food Safety and Modernization Act was enacted because the FDA believes this can be avoided (FSMA). The FSMA is primarily concerned with foodborne illness, not just in terms of responding to it but also in terms of preventing it. Keeping track of the lubricants used in the manufacture and maintenance of machinery, which used to contain very dangerous
substances like Barium, Lithium, and Black Graphite until recently, is one way to achieve this. As a result, food-grade grease is used.

Food-grade greases that have been authorized by ISO 21469 are safe. According to the certification, lubricants used in industries such as food will have a certification mark on their packaging and labeling. ISO conducts a Hygiene Risk Assessment on the chemical safety of the lubricant to establish if it is: • Non-toxic • Non-mutagenic In a nutshell, food-grade greases that are ISO-certified are safe. Companies who are complying with ISO 21469 but are not certified have assessed themselves and determined that they are compliant.


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