Greases are classed chiefly by their thickeners, the most prevalent of which are metallic soaps. Bentonite clay, silica gel, polyurea, and inorganic thickeners are also included. New grease-lubricated machinery has been created in recent years, with grease technology providing much lower friction and extended grease life.

Why are greases used?

When oil is not practicable or handy, grease is utilized. The role of grease is to stay in touch with moving surfaces and lubricate them without leakage under gravity, centrifuge action, or pressure. Its primary technical need is that it preserves its characteristics at all temperatures during usage under shear forces.

  • Machinery that is difficult to lubricate regularly. For lengthy periods and without regular refilling, high-quality grease can lubricate remote or relatively inaccessible components. These greases are also employed in life-saving applications like some electric motors and transmission systems.

  • Grease can improve the performance of degraded parts originally lubricated with oil by maintaining thicker layers in clearances expanded by wear.

  • Grease produces thicker coating in wear-enhanced clearances and can prolong the service life of earlier oil-lubricated worn elements.

In the present time, the industries demand high-performance grease that provides accurate lubrication. Therefore, we can sustain the demands of the various industries by following a complete and workable approach.

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