Neat Cutting Oil

Neat Cutting Oil

Neat Cutting Oils


Neat Cutting oils or Straight cutting oils, also referred to as non water miscible cutting oils, are petroleum or vegetable based oils that do not contain water. They are used as is or “straight” without being diluted. Straight oils are used in metalworking applications where lubricity is more critical than heat reduction.

Intended primarily for all major cutting application as we can provide a wide variety of Cutting oil as per your application 


  • High Speed Drilling, milling turning & grinding
  • For ferrous & non ferrous materials
  • General and Free Machining of Magnesium, Brass, Bronze
  • High Speed and Low Speed Machining
  • Grinding of Stainless Steel and Mild Steel
  • Sparking / Dielectric application.

Types of Cutting Oils

  • MIneral
  • synthetic
  • bio degreadable

Pack Size : 20 & 205 Liters