Aluminium Cutting Oil

Aluminium Cutting Oil

A line of economical, high performance aluminum machining coolants reduces both maintenance production costs. Our coolants are designed for large central systems possess exceptional emulsion stability and microbial control over long service intervals with minimal maintenance. Unique lubrication chemistries provide unparalleled tool life on heavy duty operations like roll-form tapping and aggressive reaming.

  • Non Stainable Mineral based conventional, economic water soluble metalworking fluid milky emulsions
  • Non Stainable High mineral oil content conventional water-soluble metalworking fluid .
  • Non Stainable Mineral oil based conventional metalworking fluid that can form stable milky emulsions when mixed with water.
  • Non Stainable Semi synthetic metalworking fluid with very stable semi-transparent emulsion  long sump life due to its resistant structure against bacteria and yeast.
  • Fully Synthetic and Bio degradable water soluble cutting oils

Neat Cutting Oils for Aluminum are available  in the following types.

  • Mineral Neat Cutting Oil non Stainable
  • Synthetic Neat Cutting Oil non Stainable
  • Biodegradable Neat Cutting Oil non Stainable

Pack Size :20 & 205 Liters.

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