Refrigeration oils

Refrigeration oils

Refrigeration oils are the working fluids in the cooling system and the Refrigeration oils are used in moving mechanical parts and this lubricant minimizes the wear by reducing friction where the oil maintains the seal between the low and high sides of the compressors.

Proper lubrication of the parts of the compressor like valves, mating scrolls, vanes, and screws will seal and avoiding refrigerant pressure mixing in the lower side of the system, however, the piston rings in reciprocating and rotating vanes rely on the lubricant to prevent the blows around the pistons and vane.

The lubricant also acts as a heat transfer and noise damper in the moving and rotating parts with the Compressors

The solubility of the lubricant should be compatible with the lubricants as there will be a small number of leakages that tend to mix with the refrigerant


Mineral oil Refrigeration Oils

Synthetic Oil Refregeration Oils

Alkylbenzene based Refregeration Oil

Polyalphaolefin Based Refregeration Oils

Polyol Ester based Refregeration Oils

Polyalkylene Based Refrigeration oils

CO2 Refregeration Oils

HFO Refregeration oils

Food grade Refrigeration oils

Fire-resistant Refrigeration Oils

Some are also known as below

POE Refregeration Oils

PAG Refregeration Oils

POE-C Refregeration Oils

PAG-C Refregeration oils


  • R12
  • R22
  • R290
  • R502
  • R401A
  • R402A
  • R408A
  • R409A
  • R1270
  • R600
  • R600a
  • R717
  • R744