Guide Elements

Guide Elements



With the assistance of our team of professionals, we are engaged in providing an assorted range of Guide Elements. The offered range is precision designed in compliance with international standards utilizing high grade components with the aid of cutting edge technology. These Guide Elements are known for accurate dimensions, high strength, easy installation, optimum performance and long life. These are stringently tested on various parameters to meet the international standards.





The great importance of exact alignment between punches and matrices in stamping dies has been recognized widely. The accuracy and maintenance of this alignment depends entirely on the quality and wear resistance of thee guide elements.


As a consequence of recent rapid develop­ments in stamping techniques it has also been accepted that conventional bush-pillar sets of casehardened steel can no longer Stand up to the demands of the modern press shop with its more sophisticated dies, ever faster presses and the stresses in today's carbide tools.


The introduction of FIBRO Guide Elements made available an extensive range, principally based on superlative quality, and comprising some new, highly advanced bearing material as well as novel assembly techniques of superior accuracy.


Recent additions have further broadened this range, especially in regard of demountable guiding components.

All FIBRO Guide Bushes for permanent fixing are laid out for epoxy-bonding. This highly reliable method ensures unparalleled accuracy together with the elimination of shrink allowances and rectification honing.

Ball Bearing Guides principally excel in undemanding maintenance and through the complete absence of bearing play. Their easy movement on the bench makes them very popular with die makers. Highest stroking Speeds present no problems. But common to all ball bearings there remains the characteristic weakness to shock loads, the danger of ball impingement. To some extent this can be compensated for by over sized pillar diameters the use of four-pillar die sets.


The group of Sliding-Type Guides affords much greater stability, partly due to the damping effect of the all-important, vital oil film which in the past used to be threatened always by the vagaries of lubrication service and the propensity to rupture at high frequencies of travel reversal.

Extensive protection against these perils is offered by FIBRO Sintered Ferrite Bushes. Used in most of our sliding guide systems, their advanced technology comprises 


  • Porous structure, vacuum-filled with oil
  • Carbonitrided surface of extreme hardness
  • Outstanding friction properties
  • Exceptional wear-resistance
  • Thousands of oil-retaining porosity pockets.


In combination with our mirror-finished pillars, ferrite guide bushes represent a guiding system of all together superior properties. A system that virtually precludes seizing under all but the most extreme running conditions. Beyond such limitations there exist combinations of high velocities with very short strokes where even ferrite bushes cannot guarantee permanence of the oil film.

Here, the rigidity of the sliding guide has to be weighed up against the safety of ball bearings: die set guides are not entirely without problems yet But at FIBRO we find ourselves very busy indeed with the remainder. Technical progress may incur modifications without notice.


Available Products:

  • Guide pillar
  • Guide Bush
  • Guide Bearing
  • Ball cage
  • Roller cage
  • Oilless Guide elements
  • Retaining Plate
  • Sliding pad
  • Guide Bar 
  • Guide Bracket
  • Guide gib
  • Sliding Block
  • Prismatic guide
  • Cage retainer
  • Screw clamp
  • Ball bearing guides