Automatic Greaser

Automatic Greaser

Lubrication accounts for the proper working of the equipment. Lubrication failures account for damage to the equipment. An automatic greaser will be the solution for this circumstance. With an automatic greaser, we can set the frequency of dispensing grease. 

An automatic lubricator filled with NLGI lithium is one of the best choices of automatic greasers. Available in:

Automatic Lubricator filled NLGI-1 lithium complex grease of pack size 125 gm. (BESLUX LUBE X-2, size 125 gm)

Automatic Lubricator filled NLGI multipurpose lithium grease 250gm. (BESLUX LUBE X-2 ,250gm)


Features and application

  • Grease for high temperatures
  • Multi-use grease
  • Viscosity of 220cst