Coolant Mixers

Coolant Mixers

Our new range of mixers are the state of the art units where you may not need separate individuals for the process and can maintain a high standard in the mixing while concentrations are exactly maintained for higher performance that you expect


A correct usage of mixed coolants perform as per the recommended standards.


Mixers are used where the same emulsion is required using different machines.
The emulsion is pumped without spillage to individual consumers. Distances of 400 m and delivery heads of 30 m are possible.


These mixers are suitable for direct connection to water pipes according to DIN 1988. They also comply with the requirements of the Water Resources Law.
The system is a single unit consisting of a wall bracket or a TÜV approved collecting tank with stand and stainless steel water and emulsions tanks. The pressureless preliminary tank is divided into two chambers by a bulkhead partition. The water chamber has a float valve for controlling the level. The mixture chamber has a float switch for controlling the level.

Made to Order – Manufactured in Germany