Vaccum Cleaners

Vaccum Cleaners

Our heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaners are specifically for large industries and this units are designed to work for a continous cycle be it day or night be it at extreme temperatures , this units are 3 phase V400 with Atex zone 22 for inflamable dust .

We still have units to suit all the industrial applicarion needs like.

  • Oil vacuums.
  • Air Operated Vaccums
  • Flood Vaccums .
  • Food Application Vacuums
  • Medical Grade Vaccums.

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Vacuum generators employ a device known as a venturi to generate a source of vacuum forces from compressed air. When a specific fluid passes through a choke in a connection, the venturi effect refers to the overall reduction in fluid pressure. The fluid in question in this scenario is usually the same air that originates from a compressed air-driven system and is forced through it as a result of a compressor's actions. In this situation, the choke is a confined portion of airline or pipe, similar to what you'd find in any other pneumatic device.

When compressed air passes through an aperture, it increases its velocity and lowers its air pressure, resulting in an air-driven vacuum pump. Suction and vacuum are created when ambient air is pulled in through channels in the generator. The exhaust is where the air stream exits. Pumps powered by compressed air can have one or more stages.

Tools that operate with compressed air are used in industrial situations where the use of electricity is prohibited. The venturi principle is used in compressed air-powered vacuums (also known as pneumatic vacuums). Compressed air enters the venturi box through the air supply pipe and goes through the injector. The air accelerates as it passes through the surrounding venturi, resulting in low pressure inside the venturi box. This low pressure creates a vacuum inside the adjacent canister, which then travels via the vacuum pipe.

Vacuums powered by compressed air have a number of major advantages. To begin with, they lack an electric motor, as well as any other moving elements. As a result, they shine in high-duty-cycle (on-off-on-off) applications that cause electric vacs to burn out. Second, because there is no electric motor, there is no sparking at the brushes and no electric fields. Third, they don't require any hazardous high-voltage electrical wires, which is crucial in damp and/or hazardous locations.


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