Donaldson Mini-mist

Donaldson Mini-mist

Compact, machine-mountable mist collectors dedicated for use on combined machine operations.

The Donaldson Torit® Mini-Mist is designed for CNC machining, grinding, turning, milling and drilling operations. It is used to collect coolant mists such as oil, water-soluble and synthetic coolant mists.

The Mini-Mist design is compact and available in two models; MM 500 for light-duty operations and MM 1200 for machines requiring higher airflow or applications that require a mist and smoke collector.

In machine shops, mist collectors filter the air to remove toxic oil mist from CNC machines, milling, and grinding procedures. These devices are often used to reduce oil mist in CNC machine shops.  Mist collectors are divided into two categories:Mist Collectors for Primary Control – Mist collectors for primary control are positioned on the machine and filter contaminates right at the source. Secondary Control Mist Collectors - Secondary control mist collectors are suspended from the ceiling or positioned on a stand to collect additional mist generated by industrial processes. When direct mounting is not possible, this form of mist collector might be used.


Machine life is extended and maintenance is reduced.

If you use a CNC machine without an air filter, you're increasing the chances of the machine (and other nearby equipment) developing recurring maintenance issues. Mist collectors keep pollutants from getting into your machines' electronic components. This reduces the possibilities of particles damaging the components, prevents bacteria from forming and eroding seals on equipment, reduces machine downtime, and boosts machine productivity.

Cost-effective and time-saving

Mist collectors work to keep essential equipment from becoming clogged by removing particles from the air. Air cleaners make it easier to utilize machines, minimize the need for maintenance, and help you stay on track with your production plan. You'll save money and time in the end.


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