Special Vacuum Cleaner

Special Vacuum Cleaner

Food and Medical Grade Vacuum Cleaners- Effective solutions for process dedusting applications.



They are fitted with a three phase, soundproof, maintenance free, side channel vacuum unit for continuous run. Hygienic filters with large surface area ensure a maximum efficiency for long periods of time when vacuuming very fine dust. Filter cleaning by ergonomic manual shaker for an easy and effective maintenance. Quick and easy release system of the dust collection bin guarantees easy emptying.




It can be used for cleaning or dedusting of

  • Blister machines
  • Tablet press machines
  • Capsule filling machines
  • Vertical packing machines
  • Laser technology
  • Other Electronic equipments.


Available Products


1. KR1046

2. KF16

3. KF30

4. K5P/56

5. KM1.003

6. KV0528

7. KH2236