Heat Regenerated Ultradryer HRC

Heat Regenerated Ultradryer HRC

Ultradryer HRC Heat Regenerated Adsorption Dryers


The HRC adsorption dryer range uses the absorbed moisture of heat caused by the compression process for desorption. The units therefore operate oil free, two-stage compressor without additional energy requirements. The total drying and regeneration cycle takes place under operating pressure. Heat exchange pressure of the desiccant and all other components therefore does not occur. This guarantees a long service life of components. Units with the sizes 600 to 60.000 m³/h have already been built.



Ultradryer HRC: HRC 0375, HRC 0550, HRC 0650, HRC 0850, HRC 1000, HRC 1350, HRC 1650, HRC 1950, HRC 2250, HRC 2750, HRC 3500, HRC 4000, HRC 5000, HRC 6000, HRC 7000, HRC 8750, HRC 10500, HRC 11200, HRC 13600.


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