Membrane Air Dryers - Superplus

Membrane Air Dryers - Superplus

Membrane Compressed Air Dryers VarioDry SPN Superplus


Using VarioDry SPN Superplus membrane compressed air dryers, the endpoint treatment of compressed air for flow rates from 3 to 63 m³/h is particularly effective. 
Since membrane compressed air dryers operate without electrical power, they are also the suitable solution for mobile use or, for example, in explosion protection zones.
Restricted spaces, as well as the installation directly at the workstation are application areas for this robust and noiselessly working compressed air dryer. 
The VarioDry SPN Superplus covers the flow rate range from 3 to 63 m³/h with 9 types, achieving an exemplary reduction of water components.



VarioDry SPN Superplus: SPN 0003, SPN 0006,  SPN 0009,  SPN 0012,  SPN 0018,  SPN 0024,  SPN 0036,  SPN 0048,  SPN 0063


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