Adsorption Dryers ULTRAPAC 2000

Adsorption Dryers ULTRAPAC 2000


Ultrapac 2000 Superplus / Standard Heatless Regenerated Adsorption Dryers
Ultrapac 2000 heatless desiccant dryers (midi & mini) provide clean and dry air at pressure dew points of -40 ºC and -70 ºC. Their turnkey modular design includes a preinstalled coalescing pre-filter and particulate after-filter. The desiccant is contained in easy-to-replace cartridges. The microprocessor controller alerts the operator of the optimal time to replace filter elements, keeping maintenance and operating costs at a minimum. Information regarding the operating status, fault indications and maintenance intervals can be seen on an easy-to-read text display. A capacity control adjusts the adsorption cycles to the actual water inlet load therefore saving regeneration and at the same time reducing operating costs. An Economizer provides on-line information regarding the optimum exchange point for filter elements.



Ultrapac 2000 Standard mini/ Superplus mini: 0005, 0010, 0015, 0025.

Ultrapac 2000 Standard midi/ Superplus midi: 0035, 0050, 0065, 0080, 0100


Make  Donaldson  Germany