Compressor Filtration Units

Compressor Filtration Units

On-Compressor Filtration

Donaldson has a complete system of filtration and separation products for compressed air systems. 


Air Oil Separators
Development and customised design of air/oil filtration systems improves compressor performance. A new laboratory helps us to continually improve our technology.



Air Filtration
We have a rich history of air filtration and we have incorporated that knowledge into our compressor products. We have utilised advanced filtration technologies to keep our product on the cutting edge. Donaldson can provide you the most advanced intake systems and filtration media technologies for your compressors.



PSD Filtration Technology: PSD08, PSD09, PSD10, PSD12


PCD Filtration Technology: PCD08, PCD10, PCD12, PCD17, PCD20


FPG Radialseal Air Cleaners: G042546, G042575, G057502, G057504, G057505, G070006, G070059, G070009, G070060


FPG Radialseal Alexin Air Cleaners : G065497, G065498, G065499, G065500, G082580, G082581, G082582, G082583, G090219, G090220, G090225, G090226, G100317, G100318, G100319, G100320


FKB Air Filtration : FK-B045008, FK-B055006, FK-B065045


FRG Air Filtration : G100281, G100284, G110211, G110269, G130061, G130088, G130087, G130113, G130120, G150092, G150112, G150097, G180031, G180033, G180035, G180038.



Liquid Filtration
Today’s compressors last longer and operate in more severe conditions than ever. These improvements demand lube filters with heavy-duty design characteristics and optimum performance. 



Lube Oil Filters :- P565587, P565588, P565788, P565800, P565804, P567349



System Design
Donaldson develops and designs filtration systems that help you achieve superior compressor performance. Donaldson has the unique ability to offer total system design including separator systems, separators, air intake, lube filtration and exhaust. Our new compressor testing facility enables engineers to easy access to a numerous design and analytical tools.


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