Donaldson Dryers Buran

Donaldson Dryers Buran


Dryer Technology

Donaldson manufactures a complete line of refrigerated compressed air dryers, adsorption and membrane dryers to meet your specific air quality requirements and system solutions. The modularly designed processing ranges offer individual customer solutions, and therefore guarantee the highest efficiency. 

Plant Air :  For every application, compressed clear and dry air is desired as this will lower the operating costs. Dirt, water and oil present in the air will be deposited on the inner surfaces of pipes and fittings, which in turn increases the pressure drop and loss of performance efficiency. Also water and moisture in the air increases corrosion and shortens the life of devices and equipment.

Need for a Dryer :  There is always some moisture present in a compressed air system regardless of the degree of drying. Air which may be considered dry for one application, may not be dry enough for another. Dryness is relative and hence selection of dryer is made professionally by considering various factors.

For compressed air, the best way to specify dryness is by determining the desired Pressure Dew Point ( PDP ).  Many types of dryers are available with varying degrees of pressure dew point performance. 


Buran Refrigeration Compressed Air Dryers

Buran refrigeration compressed air dryers are suitable for a volume flow rate of 20 – 1.650 m³/h and are available in four different sizes (Buran I-IV). Due to a new heat exchanger concept pressure losses are reduced to a minimum, hence operational costs across the entire life-time are minimised. All types are equipped with a consistent design and an easily visible operator control panel. Buran refrigeration compressed air dryers excel because of their minimised space requirements, ease of installation and reduced maintenance requirements. The new design enables an easy installation of a Donaldson pre-filter to reach the requested compressed air quality. 



DC 0020 AB, DC 0035 AB, DC 0050 AB, DC 0065 AB, DC 0085 AB, DC 0105 AB, DC 0125 AB, DC 0150 AB, DC 0180 AB, DC 0225 AB, DC 0300 AB, DC 0360 AB, DC 0450 AB, DC 0550 AB, DC 0650 AB, DC 0750 AB, DC 0850 AB.


With Electrical control: DC 1000 AX, DC 1175 AX, DC 1350 AX, DC 1500 AX, DC 1650 AX.

Buran DC 0020 AB – DC 0850 AB
Buran DC 1000 AX – DC 1650 AX