Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen Generator

Why do we need to invest in nitrogen generators?

Atmospheric air contains 77% of nitrogen, and it is easily available. So it will reduce your expense and minimize other gas supplies.


What are the factors that benefit you for investing in nitrogen generators?

Capital: It will considerably reduce the cost. The installation cost, the space needed will be less compared to other supplies.

Reliability: Nitrogen gas is highly reliable. 

Environmental friendly:

Low maintenance.


Does a Nitrogen generator need electricity?

 A standard nitrogen generator needs electricity, where if we are using an HFX  membrane model, the use of electricity is zero. With the installation of an oxygen analyzer, a minimal percent of electrical supply is needed. 


How often do I need to replace the carbon molecular sieve membrane?


The highest quality carbon molecular sieve has the lifetime of the generator. With the change in inlet air supply and the quality , the time span varies.


Who are the main consumers of Nitrogen generators?

Metallurgical industry, chemical industry, food industry, glass industry, pharmaceutical industry, electronic industry.


What is the use of nitrogen generators in the food and beverage industry?

It will help to preserve the food for a limited period of time. So it will act as a preservative in the food and beverage industry.


Why are nitrogen generators used in power plants?

It will considerably reduce the corrosion in the power plants.