Air Receiver Tanks

Air Receiver Tanks

The Air Receiver tank is an integral part of any compressed air system. They store compressed air for peak demands. The receiver tanks help to remove water from the system by allowing the air to cool.


  • Vessels are painted with electrostatic guns.
  • High resistance to corrosive and atmospheric agents.
  • Suitable for outdoor installation and in an aggressive environment.


Air kept under pressure which is relatively higher than atmospheric is stores for the industrial process as a medium of high-pressure flow and this air are stored in a tank while the compressors fill this tanks with air pressure, Due to extensive loading and unloading of air its very essential to have tanks which are strong and steady while durability is to be well considered, The compressor loads the tank with air to be used as per demand. Air Tank is a very essential part of compressors and should be sized well avoiding low or overrun of the Compressor

Pressure Tanks for Compressed Air, Thermohydraulics, Oil and Gas compliant according to European Directives and main international standards, Compressed Air Tanks are painted with Electrostatic guns inside special paint booths while the tanks are conveyed through polymerized oven via chain conveyor belts with colour as options and we also follow the internal; protection norms with corrosive agents and epoxy resins, Hot dipped galvanized tanks are also manufactured and are compliant to UNI EN ISO 1461, These tanks are made under the quality system of ISO 9001:2015. We do Air Tanks, Vacuum Tanks, nitrogen tanks  Vertical Tanks, horizontal tanks with standard pressure from 11 bars to 16 bars also we do special version from 40 Bars to 60 Bars, We have tanks for various applications and are specialized in Compressed Air Tanks, Oxygen tanks and can also manufacture special purpose tanks on a project basis, We gave tank capacity ranging from 500 litres up to 4000 litres.


Available Size

500 l /1000 l / 2000 l 


Buying Compressed Air & Nitrogen Tank

An air receiver tank (also known as an air compressor tank or compressed air storage tank) is a pressure vessel that accepts compressed air from an air compressor and retains it under pressure for later use. The tanks are available in a variety of sizes and layouts, including vertical and horizontal. The compressed air is temporarily stored in an air receiver tank. It also improves the efficiency of your compressed air system. The air receiver tank serves three purposes:

It stores compressed air that can be used for high-demand events that last only a few minutes. It gives air compressor controls a constant air signal. It works as a secondary heat exchanger when used as a "wet tank," enhancing the effectiveness of your air dryer. Air receiver tanks provide a variety of functions in addition to storing energy and increasing the efficiency of compressed air systems.

To begin with, they aid in the regulation of compressor controls, preventing short cycling and over pressurization. Failure to install a receiver, or the use of one that is too tiny, will cause a compressor to rapidly cycle, which can result in a variety of problems. A second heat exchanger is provided by an air receiving tank. The air temperature reduces by roughly 10° as it travels through it, compared to what it was after cooling via the first heat exchanger. As the compressed air leaves the compressor or is carried over from the after-cooler, air receiver tanks also precipitate some of the moisture and oil carryover. Finally, the dew point and temperature spikes that can occur following regeneration are reduced by these adaptable tanks.


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