Compressed Air Filtration

For a Proper purification of Air it is to be considered to have a proper filter used purification of air we breathe carries contaminants and usage of the proper units will disallow
Wear and tear of seals .
Disallow corrosion
Disallow air tool efficiency
Damage sensitive finished goods
Gases either alone or in combination with other contaminants, may cause additional damage or create a potential hazard to the process or personnel. Chemical gases found in compressed
air systems include:
        Carbon dioxide
        Carbon monoxide
Molds, fungus, and compressed air system. Microbes require moisture to grow which is a health threat to workers.
Filtering and drying processes remove particles, moisture, microbes, and chemicals from compressed air. Clean, dry air protects the air system, reduces maintenance costs and increases finished product yields
 Types of compressed air filters
Compressor Intake Filter .
Compressor Air/Oil Separator
Coalescing Filter
Particulate Filter
High Particulate Filter
Vapor Filter (Charcoal Filter)
We have a lot of solutions to help you attain better results and have a pure air quality.

Deciding the Lubricant grades and types

Technology advancements have bought a lot of changes while you consider to have longer running intervals in the latest machines, lubricants are now advanced with long service life’s by which you may not need  to drain  quiet often as before. See our range of lubricants, which are matched perfectly with his viscosity index and good base oils.
Hydraulic Oils and Lubricants all are having a viscosity identification which also comes with the types of oils required like if with zinc or Zinc free, high viscous or low viscous  and much more criteria’s are given on technical manuals by original equipment manufacturers and is advised to check and replace the oils .
Working condition and operating conditions also is a factor in deciding which grades need be used. Oils also need to be compatible with seals and elastomers for smooth operations
Mostly the risk seen here are introduction to wrong oils and cutting cost as seeming all the hydraulic oils are the same, usage of recycled or contaminated oils and various other causes , Considering the real cost and the associated risk of an oil change, it is wise to let the conditions of the oil drive the decision.

FIBRO Standard Parts


The German Ultimate Precession Company.

Standard parts are used as standardized products in tool construction, mould making and mechanical engineering. FIBRO standard parts mean ultimate precision and we have made it easy for your supplies to your door step

Fibro is the global market leader working closely with our customers offering high availability, rapid delivery times, a first-class service and an outstanding price/performance ratio.

The product range for tool construction, mould making and mechanical engineering includes die sets, guide elements, low-maintenance oil-less guide elements, precision parts such as punches and matrices, compression springs, high-safety gas springs, metal forming materials, metal-bonding adhesives and casting resins, peripheral equipment for presses and tools, tool slide units with spline, roller or hydraulic drives and standard parts for mould making.

An important factor in the consistently high quality of our standard parts production is ongoing quality testing - from the raw material up to the finished product. We can achieve increased service lives, in particular on wear parts, such as punches, which allow our customers to benefit in the form of noticeable cost savings.

Precision is the be-all and end-all for us. This applies to all elements of a tool. After all, the function of a tool is determined by the quality of its individual parts. FIBRO standard parts are synonymous with ultimate precision and reliability in tool manufacture, mould making and mechanical engineering. And that's something experienced engineers really value.

Choosing the right Compressor