Refrigeration Oils

Refrigeration Oils

Refrigeration Compressor Oils

Refrigeration oils play an important role in the area of lubricants and lubrication technology. The expected long life of refrigerant compressors largely depends on the quality of the refrigeration oil. we can offer you the best refrigeration compressor oil for your compressor and your specific application. Due the phase-out of CFC refrigerants, mineral oils were the primary oils used in refrigeration systems. However, mineral oils are not suitable for use with the new refrigerants. The main reason for this incompatibility is the insufficient lubricity (lubricating ability) and miscibility(mixing ability) of mineral oils. Much work has been done to find acceptable lubricants to use with the new refrigerants. Synthetic oils such as alkyl benzene and polyester appear to meet the requirements. As research into new refrigerants continues, so will the search for acceptable lubricants. 

Synthetic lubricants have been used for many years in various industries. As with other oils, lubricants are blended specifically for use in refrigeration systems. Synthetic Oils were considered too expensive for general use compared with mineral oil. Oil producers and compressor manufacturers go to great lengths and expense to develop and test new lubricants. There are tests for viscosity, floc point, pour point, flash point, etc. The service engineer does not need to know the details of these oil qualities, but should understand the terms and why they are important.

Types OF Refrigeration Oils

Mineral Oils also called Petroleum Oil.

  1. Naphthenic based Refrigeration oils
  2. Paraffin based Refrigeration oils
  3. Mixed based oils (combination of naphthenic & paraffin)
  4. Naphthenic based are the oils used in metal refrigeration.


Must be stored in metal containers.


  1. Polyester (POE)Refrigeration Oils
  2. Alkyl benzene (AB)Refrigeration Oils
  3. Polyglycols Based Refrigeration Oils
  4. Dibasic acid ester Refrigeration Oils
  5. Neo Pentyl ester Refrigeration Oils
  6. Silicone Based Refrigeration Oils
  7. Silicate ester Based Refrigeration Oils

Viscosities Available

ISO VG 32 ,46, 68, 100, 150.,220.


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