Nirtogen Gas Springs

Nirtogen Gas Springs

Nirtogen Gas Springs

Backed by skilled professionals, we are instrumental in manufacturing and exporting a high quality range of Nirtogen Gas Springs that is available in various specifications as per the diverse needs of the clients. These are designed with high precision using the finest quality raw materials and latest technology as per the set industry norms. Highly appreciated for their high strength, robust design, dimensional accuracy and durability, the offeredNirtogen Gas Springs are available at reasonable costs.

FIBRO Gas Springs

The extensive range of FIBRO Gas Springs constitutes an ideal supplement to and expansion of the traditional programmes of spring elements such als helical springs, disc springs and elastomer units. With their minimal space requirement, Gas Springs  close a gap where ever the accent is on
 accomodation of the utmot force component within a minimum of space - or where exceedingly large travel is demanded: FIBRO Gas Springs take care of both demands, even in combination.

Their self-contained nitrogen charge makes FIBRO Gas Springs completely autonomous devices. Feeder pipes or storage vessel are not required.

Monitoring of charge pressure, however, is necessary in certain special cases. Suitable quipment for in-situ pressure control can be found in the Accessories Section.

As long as all mounting detail is laid out wiith due circumspection, removal and installation of the units presents no problems whatsoever. Instructions are included with every delivery of gas springs.

On pages F331 to F 338 a number of interesting installation examples are illustrated in detail.

The pressure medium is a commercial available, environment-friendly nitroge. FIBRO Gas Springs have a standard chal
pressure of max. 150 bar (180 bar). Depending on spring size and type, this pressure offers initial force ratings of 2 DaN
20,000 daN.

Pressure Build-Up
In operation the piston rod enters the spring space whose volume is progressively reduced. The resulting pressure rise can be plott on the Gas Spring 
Diagram as a multiplication factor. The spring force is the product of  initial force times that pressure-rise factor and can therefore be calculated easily.

Working Temperature
The spring temperature should not exceed+80°C.

Charge Pressure
Modification of charge pressure allows variation of the force rating and can be predetermined from the spring Diagram.

FIBRO Gas Springs can be used in any installation position. Whether or not external forces act on them when at rest is of no. consequence.

FIBRO Gas prings were disigned for main
tenance free continual operation. It is recommended 
to oil the piston rod lightly from time to time.

Guide and sealing element can be exchanged easily and expediciously. They are available as kit. Each kit comes with detailed instructions for maintenance of FIBRO Gas Springs.

The accessories range for Gas Springs comprises fastening device, change and control units, screw connection for these, and connecting lines for compound installations.

Warning Signs
These are available on request. The signs should be affixed near the springs in as prominent a position as possible.