Springs for dies, fixtures, moulds, machines, mechanisms. For various industrial uses. FIBRO Compression Springs - a Comprehensive range, rooted in the resolute quality consciousness on which Our reputation was built. Applied equally to the selection and inspection of raw materials as well as to every step in manufacture.

Srings - a simple product by comparison.But a demanding one also if new standards are to be set by its reliability and performance.

A product whose failure in service always is very expensive, even disastrous in some

 A product therefore where itpays.. . to pay for the difference. Whose faults or qualities remain hidden at first. the prove themselves in the long run.

FIBRO high performance springs - in four duty ranges. Made from selected grades of chrome -vanadium spring steel. cold formed from special rolled wire sections.

Capable  of sustaining service loadings of exceptional I serverity. identical fitting dimensions for all springs of common nominal size, facilitating development work. Packing a maximum of spring action into a minimum of design space UP and down in endless repetition: FIBRO compression Springs. From the tough stable of tool and diemaking, where no quarters are given.

A Spring range of almost 400 sizes. Each spring strictly to specification. Ends flattened and ground parallel. Surfaces ball shot
peened for even greater spring resilience.

FIBRO Spring - for fit-and-forget performance. For confined spaces. For virtually no space at all. for aircraft. tractors. harvesters. dies jigs. fixtures for machines from A to Z. For all uses where the going is hard. A choice regrets.

A special spring range for demanding applications in the manufacture of tools, machinery and jigs & fixtures. Our spring systems are constantly being developed to cover the most varied requirements.

The spring type is selected to match specific customer requirements. Special helical springs Manufactured to DIN ISO 10243, the springs are available in four grades for high cyclic and constant loads.

The specially rolled wire profile is manufactured from high quality heat treated alloy steel.

FIBROFlEX@ Springs
These rubber-elastic spring elements in Shore hardness ratings 80, 90, 95, are made from polyurethane elastomers. Benefits include high spring forces and good resilient damping behaviour.

As a superior alternative to rubber springs we offer polyurethane elastomer springs in Shore A hardness rating of 70. 

Disc Springs 
The required spring characteristics result from various laminations with multiple settings and combinations.