Donaldson Air Filtration

Donaldson Air Filtration

We have a rich history of air filtration and we have incorporated that knowledge into our compressor products. We have utilised advanced filtration technologies to keep our product on the cutting edge. Donaldson can provide you the most advanced intake systems and filtration media technologies for your compressors. 

PSD Filtration Technology
PowerCore® PSD 
PowerCore® air filtration technology is also available in a 2-stage, plastic housing design. PSD features a compact "racetrack" shape and built-in mounting brackets for installation ease. The 2-stage design incorporates a high efficiency inertial pre-cleaner, ideal for extended life in difficult environments. The side access, molded housing design makes filter servicing very easy. All of these features are combined to take advantage of the unique PowerCore® axial flow element, providing the ultimate in space saving design.

PCD Filtration Technology
Unique Air Filtration Technologies
Donaldson has two air filtration media technologies that offer performance and overall size benefits. If you’re looking for higher efficiency, Donaldson Ultra-Web® nanofiber technology may be a solution or if you’re looking for a smaller size with your existing filtration performance, Donaldson PowerCore® filtration technology may be the answer.

FPG Air Cleaners
Air Cleaners / Housings
Donaldson recommends the use of our housings with RadialSeal™ sealing technology for compressors. Our FPG style housings are ideal because they’re reliable, durable, plastic and easy to service. Many air cleaners are stock product, but custom design support is also available.

FKB Air Filtration
For the latest in technology for small plastic air cleaners, we offer the new FKB product line. One size smaller than its equivalent FPG “cousin”, the FKB offers additional space savings and improved element serviceability over competitive designs. This is combined with a unique ‘twist and lock’ element retention mechanism for fool-proof servicing.

FRG Air Filtration
For those larger compressor applications, our FRG product line offers high flow capacity in a RadialSeal™ design. This very flexible product line extends the range of our RadialSeal™ technology using a hybrid construction design.

Donaldson Replacement Filters
Replacement Air Filters
Clean, unrestricted airflow is critical for optimal compressor operation. Higher airflow reduces energy use. Donaldson delivers increased contaminant protection, reducing engine damage. Replacement compressor products are available through compressor dealers. Donaldson offers a full line of air filters in all shapes, sizes and styles.