Filter Housing

Filter Housing


Donaldson is the worldd leader and has the  expertise in compressed air filtration and separation, Donaldson Ultrafilter delivers the most efficient and cost-effective filtration housings engineered to provide lower pressure drop, longer filter life, quick and easy element change-outs and more predictable maintenance.

  • Ultrafilter DF
  • Ultrafilter DF-T three in one
  • High Pressure HD
  • AG & SG
  • Vacuum VAK/ Medical Vacuum MVAK


DF filters are designed for high quality filtration of compressed air or gas in a wide range of applications. The filter design combines high performance, greater efficiency, ease of use, flexibility, and safety.

• High performance — the flow-optimized filter design, paired with innovative filtration technology, reduces pressure loss by 50% compared to conventional filters.

• Safety — the unique bayonet lock ensures that the filter cannot be opened under pressure for increased safety.

• Energy savings — you will find that greater energy savings are achieved through timely filter element replacement.

Element change out is determined by the Economizer that continuously measures the differential pressure.




Model                   Capacity1 (scfm)                       Connection (FNPT)

DF 0035                            20                                                    1/4"

DF 0070                            41                                                    3/8"

DF 0120                             70                                                    1/2"

DF 0210                            123                                                    3/4"

DF 0320                            188                                                     1"

DF 0450                            264                                                  1-1/4"

DF 0600                            353                                                  1-1/2"

DF 0750                            441                                                     2"

DF 1100                            647                                                     2"



Type                                                                           Particle Retention Rate

P Particle Filter                                                          25 micron absolute

B Particulate Filter                                                    25 micron absolute

V Coalescing Filter                                                     99.9% on 5 micron particles

M UltraPleat™ Coalescing Filter                             99.9999% on 0.01 micron particles

S UltraPleat™ Coalescing Filter                               99.99998% on 0.01 micron particles

A Carbon Filter                                                           1 micron absolute



DONALDSON DFT Filters – Three Stage Filters.


DFT- Three Stage filters are a combination of Sub Micro Filter ( SMF), Activated Carbon ( AK ), adsorber and high performance Particle ( P ) filter.


● 3 purification stages in one filter and helps saving space.

● Meets the requirements for the use as a point-of-use filter.


1. Coalescence filter for the removal of oil aerosols and particles,

2. Activated carbon adsorber (packed bed) for the removal of oil vapours and other hydrocarbons, to achieve compressed air quality class 1 acc. to ISO 8573-1:2010 for oil

3. High performance particle filter to achieve the quality class 1 acc. to ISO8573-1:2010 for particles.